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Feature Showcase

Introducing – Workflows

Not all epiphanies are pleasant. Since its inception, Leegality set out to reimagine the way India signed its documents.  In the 4 years, our product has greatly matured from a mere Aadhaar eSign gat...


Put your signatures on autopilot – insight into Leegality’s automated sign

The word automated has been thrown around to such a degree recently that people have actually started looking at the word as jargon that companies put in their description for the sake of it. In my last ...


Redefining DSC Token’s Ft. Leegality

The Indian IT Act was ahead of its time when it was passed in the year 2000’ says Pramod Verma, the chief architect of Aadhaar in a recent interview in Rahul Matthan’s Ex Machina Podcast (if you haven’t checked...

AADHAAR ESIGN Instant Stamping

How eSigning lets your business go truly paperless

From what you read about ‘digitization and the ever-expanding ‘digital revolution’, you might be excused for believing the paper industry is disappearing fast. Unfortunately, news of this demise is woefully unf...