[Webinar Alert] Section 65B – What an Indian Business needs to know

Attend webinar. Get a free copy of our new Section 65B ebook. Registration link below. As modern businesses digitize, they will increasingly rely on electronic evidence to secure their legal rights in Court....


Leegality Flow Episode #1 – How to use the Leegality Workflow Builder [REGISTER HERE]

REGISTER HERE In Episode #1 of Leegality Flow, we will be diving into Leegality’s most transformative development till date – the Workflow Builder – a new way to eSign! What is the W...

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[Videos]: The ‘What’s and How’s’ of eContracting and eSign – according to legal luminaries and industry experts

MORE VIDEO LINKS BELOW When a sitting Supreme Court judge, a Senior Counsel and a bunch of lawyers sit and discuss common myths surrounding eSign and eContracting – several commonly held doubts melt aw...


Q&A Session: The Ins and Outs of eContracts

Ever wanted to ask a Supreme Court judge about how to go digital with your documentation? Leegality is proud to be partnering with Lex Witness, THS – The Law Firm, Sadhgamaya and Symbiosis Law School ...