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Take the paper out of paperwork with our market defining eSign and Digital Stamping solutions


Sign and collect signatures digitally in compliance with the Information Technology Act, Evidence Act and Contract Act.



Efficiency meets compliance. Leegality’s Superfeatures enhance enforceability of critical documents and automate document journeys to boost operations. Keeps  legal, product and business teams happy!


Instant Stamping

Digitally affix stamp paper on documents before sending them for eSign to create legally enforceable documents.

Instant Stamping
Paperwork is important, paper is not

Leegality Signing Gateway

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    Seamless digital signature journeys

    Signed documents are the foundation of all your important business activities. It’s sad that these foundations are made of paper.

    Sign and collect signatures for your documents digitally from anywhere.

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    Pay stamp duty online

    Complying with Indian stamping laws can be painful, especially when your business signs thousands of agreements a month.

    Affix stamp papers on your documents digitally. Avoid the the pain of physical stamp paper with Instant Stamping

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    Automate your document workflow

    Your business signs many documents regularly. Paper based document workflows cause operational logjam — slowing down your entire business activity.

    Enhance operations with our advanced end-to-end Documation features that automate your entire signing journey

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    Enhance security and legal compliance

    Signed documents determine the legal rights and entitlements of your business. However documents signed in wet-ink are easily forged and disputed in courts of law.

    Audit trails and advanced identification features ensure that signatures on your documents are more secure.