Turbocharge your documents with our advanced automation and security features

Leegality’s Template Engine allows you to create and upload templates for future use. Customise as many variable fields as you want. Perfect for organisations that need to sign standard form agreements with a variety of different customers

Create and configure templates with variable fields on Leegality’s powerful Template Processor


Dashboard: Choose from your pre-configured templates before sending an invitation to eSign rather than manually uploading a new PDF each time

API: Pass template ID while creating sign request


Dashboard: Fill in variable fields before sending eSign invite to customise document as per signatory particulars OR require the other signatory to fill in details before eSigning

API: Call for fields value from your own database to populate the template OR require the other signatory to fill in details before eSigning

Leegality’s powerful Excel Upload tool allows you to send out thousands of signing invitations with a click using a single Excel file upload. Perfect for organisations that need to sign documents at scale. Liberate your employees from the drudgery of paperwork and allow them to focus on core business functions.

Create and Upload Excel File (mapped to your template) with details for each agreement filled in


Generate hundreds of ‘filled-in’ templates instantly – signing links sent out automatically

Comprehensive audit trails for all your digitally signed documents


Enable GPS Location/Face capture before sending document for eSign


Signer’s GPS Location Coordinates captured


Signer face photo is captured. Liveliness check is performed to prevent fraud.