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The eContract Bulletin #3: What is a Digital Signature?

In our last post, we talked about how eContracts are only different from physical contracts in ‘form’. We also concluded that electronic execution is critical to create a valid eContract. Finally, we saw tha...

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[NEW FEATURE]: Dynamic eStamping

With Dynamic eStamping, all you need to do is enter a stamp value and Leegality algorithms do the work of picking the stamp papers to meet that value.  This feature solves the problem of many cases of digita...

eContract Bulletin Legal Updates

The eContract Bulletin #2: The first principles of eContracts

Welcome to the second post of The eContract Bulletin. In our last post, we talked about the central role of the signature in ensuring trust and credibility to a contract. In this post, we were originally goi...

Product Update

PRODUCT UPDATE: We’re changing our Signing Flow UI

We’ve been secretly working on a signing flow UI for several months. We’ve activated it for all SANDBOX accounts – go check it out. On 16 November 2020 it’ll go LIVE on all PRODUC...


DGFT prescribes Electronic Signatures for linking IECs to their new digital platform

An interesting legal/regulatory update about electronic signatures in simple words: ▶️ The DGFT stands for Director General of Foreign Trade. It’s a body attached to the Ministry of Commerce that regul...

eContract Bulletin Legal Updates

The eContract Bulletin #1: What is a Signature?

We are excited to bring you the very first post in The eContract Bulletin – a weekly update designed to give you a clear and comprehensive understanding of the Law of eContracts, electronic signatures, el...

eContract Bulletin Legal Updates

An easy way to become an EXPERT on the law of eContracts, eSign and Electronic Evidence in India

The eContract Bulletin is a weekly newsletter designed to give you a clear and comprehensive understanding of the legal framework underpinning eContracts in India. The Format Every week, we will be answer...


[Webinar Alert] Section 65B – What an Indian Business needs to know

Attend webinar. Get a free copy of our new Section 65B ebook. Registration link below. As modern businesses digitize, they will increasingly rely on electronic evidence to secure their legal rights in Court....


Leegality Flow Episode #1 – How to use the Leegality Workflow Builder [REGISTER HERE]

REGISTER HERE In Episode #1 of Leegality Flow, we will be diving into Leegality’s most transformative development till date – the Workflow Builder – a new way to eSign! What is the W...

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Leegality’s paranoia births The Certificate verifier

It is evident from my last blog post where I talked about Leegality’s epiphany with Workflows and how we re-evaluated the very core of our product, that we don’t build something and sit on it. Workflows didn...